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Revealing the team behind Attis Aviation: A conversation with Chief Operating Officer Zahi Ben Ari

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the amazing people who make up our dream team.


Now, let's get to know Zahi better with a few questions:

What inspired you to pursue a career in UAS and establish Attis Aviation?

"My journey began with a simple fascination for drones. My first drone purchase ignited a spark. Their accessibility, simplicity, and utility for automated profile flights and aerial photography resonated deeply, given my passion for photography. Additionally, a collaborative project with Omer Dahan showed that combining engineering expertise with practical applications could lead to intriguing outcomes".


Share a recent accomplishment you're proud of and the challenges faced.

"In a crucial client project, we had to meet stringent deadlines while maintaining top-tier reliability. Through strict adherence to timelines and my role as project lead, we provided exceptional value, encountering no major issues. Client satisfaction was paramount".


What fuels your inspiration outside of work?

"Off-road biking has been my passion for years. It combines physical fitness challenges, an adrenaline rush, and social interactions. It involves technology, exploration, and in field creative problem-solving, enriching my life".


What advice would you give to aspiring professionals?

"Maintain precision and thorough examination in your work. Persevere in exploring the details, even in seemingly mundane tasks. Systematically build on each step as a foundation for the next in your engineering journey".


If you could have superpowers, which superhero would you be?

"I'd choose to be a hero who maintains peak physical and mental abilities throughout life".

Meet Zahi Ben Ari 

Mr. Zahi Ben Ari, responsible for steering the technical vision and direction of Attis Aviation. Zahi is at the helm of product design, project management, and business operations.

Zahi boasts extensive experience in UAV system design, system architecture, aircraft avionics, and operational requirement definition, with a specialization in airborne weapon systems.

Before co-founding Attis Aviation, Zahi served as a senior systems engineer for top defense companies in Israel, contributing to projects like airborne missile protection and UAV programs.

Zahi holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and has a remarkable background as a former fighter pilot WSO (Weapon Systems Operator) in the Israeli Air Force.

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