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UAS Development

Attis Aviation offers comprehensive UAS development services, from system definition and up to an execution of a flight testing program. Our experienced engineering team can provide guidance throughout the entire development process, ensuring a successful completion of your project.


Attis Aviation can support system definition according to the customer (End User) needs.

Based on the needs, Attis Aviation can define the technical and operational requirements.

Those requirements will be used as a basis for the UAS design.

Products of this stage will be UAS Specification and CONOPs documents.



Flight Testing

Production and



Following the definition of the UAS, design process will begin. The design process will use best engineering practices and standards.

During the design we will involve all required disciplines, going through a well-defined design process. Following a successful design, production and integration will be performed.

At the end of the integration, the UAS will be ready for Ground and Flight Testing.

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Production & Integration:

Following an approval of the design by the customer, UAS production will be performed

Attis Aviation can support UAS production and assembly

After production was competed, system integration will be performed up to a successful ATP

At the end of the integration, the UAS will be ready for Flight Testing.

Flight Testing:

Following the design, production and ground testing, our experts can support execution of the Flight Tests:

  • Getting experimental certificate from the relevant authority (military/ civil) for the Flight tests

  • Executing of flight-testing program

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