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Revealing the team behind Attis Aviation: A conversation with our new System Engineer: Chen Shukry

We are thrilled to welcome Chen Shukry to our team as a System Engineer at Attis Aviation!

Now, let's get to know Chen better with a few questions:

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to this role as a System Engineer?

"Following my varied roles, I gained experience in various professional fields. I chose to consolidate this diverse experience into a role that integrates various domains into a single project."


What key skills do you bring to your role as a System Engineer?

"I bring knowledge and experience in various disciplines, with the ability to specialize in new areas. At Attis Aviation, I will contribute to planning, assembling, and flying drones."


Are there any particular technologies or systems that you specialize in?

"My primary experience is in RF communications, but I've also specialized in aviation, pilots and drones, combining these fields in the innovation department at Rafael. This unique combination aligns perfectly with the requirements of my role at Attis Aviation."


What attracted you to our company?

"What attracted me in Attis Aviation is their capabilities to produce products in a high-quality, fast, and profitable way for customers, which I know is very challenging for a company in the aviation field. Joining a company in the aviation field has been a passion since my youth, offering me an opportunity for personal development and the utilization of my abilities."


Outside of work, what are your passions or hobbies?

"I have many hobbies, I am a volleyball player, I like to raise ornamental fish, restoring vintage cars from the '70s, and, of course, spending time with my wife 😀 "

What are your professional goals for the next few years?

"My goals include developing a product from scratch to a finished, customer-approved product. After gaining experience and specialization in system engineering, I aspire to manage a development department."
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Chen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in electrical and electronics engineering, having earned his B.Sc from Holon Institute of Technology and a degree in Electronic Practical Engineering with a specialization in communication from Ort College, Rehovot. His academic journey includes graduating with honors and winning accolades for final projects compaction.

In his previous role as an RF System Engineer for a top defense company, Chen demonstrated excellence in electronic warfare, RF monitoring, and fault analysis. Notably, Chen has also played a pivotal role as a systems engineer in drone development, showcasing his project management skills and presenting innovative developments.

In addition, Chen served in the military as a commander at a satellite station, where he led a team and resolved technical issues.

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